October 23, 2018

Obtain A Visa To Vietnam in The United States of America (USA)

Vietnam is a beautiful country in the South East Asia. In the recent years, with the policy of opening the economics, more and more foreigners come to Vietnam. Some countries can visit Vietnam with visa exemption, but some countries need a visa to enter Vietnam. In order to get Vietnam visa, you can apply at the embassy or apply online.

There are 3 most used ways to obtain a Vietnam visa, and each way has its own pros and cons.

1/ Apply visa at the embassy

To apply a visa at the embassy, you need to come to the embassy or consulate. Please see the list of embassy/consulate of Vietnam in UAS:

Embassy of Vietnam in the United States (USA)

1233 20th St NW, Suite 400 – Washington, DC 20036, United States (USA)

Tel: 202.861.0737

Hotline for Consular Affairs: 202.716.8666 or 202.739.1666

Fax: 202.861.0917

Email: info@VietnamEmbassy.us (for general information) or vnconsular@VietnamEmbassy.us (for consular affairs)

Website: www.VietnamEmbassy-usa.org

Consulate of Vietnam in New York, USA

866 U.N. Plaza, Suite 428, New York, NY 10017

Phone 1-212-644-0594 or 1-212-644-2535 or 1-212-644-0831

Fax 1-212-644-5732

Email info@vietnamconsulate-ny.org

Website : http://vietnamconsulate-ny.org/

Consulate General of Vietnam in Houston, Texas, USA

5251 Westheimer Rd, Suite 1100, Houston, Texas 77056, United States

Tel: 713-850-1233 | 713-840-0096

Fax: 713-840-0159 | 713-871-0312

Website: www.VietnamConsulateinhouston.org

Consulate General of Vietnam in San Francisco, USA

1700 California Street, Suite 430, San Francisco, CA 94109, California, USA

Tel: 415-922-1707 ext. 115

Fax: 415-922-1848; 415-922-0307

Web address: www.VietnamConsulate-sf.org

After coming to the embassy/consulate, you submit the original passport + application form + related documents (depending on the visa you want to apply, you may be required to submit some documents). The embassy/ consulate officers will give you a deadline to get the result (normally 5 – 7 working days). Your job is back home and wait for the result.

Getting the visa in embassy/consulate is safe and reliable, but it takes time and more expensive. And if the embassy/consulate is far away from your home, it is really inconvenient. In this case, you can consider about the second option: Applying online.

2/ Apply E-visa Online

From the end of 2016, Vietnam provided an E-Visa program, which is available for 46 countries, included USA. This visa allows the holder to enter Vietnam 30 days with single entry. E-visa is accepted for entering Vietnam via airports, seaports and land-crossing ports. No documents or extra fees are required on arrival.

This visa can be applied online. All you need to prepare is:

  • A valid email address to get notification regarding your e-visa status.
  • A copy of passport valid for at least 6 months. Scan the page of passport that contains your personal information for uploading to the online form.
  • A recent digital photograph for uploading to the online form.
  • A valid credit card or PayPal account to pay for the e-visa application fee.

After preparing above items, you click to apply. Then choose e-visa category, entry date, port of entry, etc. and upload the passport + digital photo. When you finish to pay, you will receive a confirmation email, and you can get the result after 2 working days.

Applying E-Visa is more easier than applying at the embassy because you do not need to come to the embassy. The price is also cheaper than the choice of embassy. And time of process is faster, too. However, this E-visa is only single entry and can stay in Vietnam maximum 30 days (cannot stay longer, cannot extend, cannot enter multiple times).

3/ Apply Visa On Arrival

Visa On Arrival is opened for a long time ago, and it has successfully run with good comments from the users. The advantage of this visa is:

  • Users can stay in Vietnam longer than E-Visa (1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year)
  • Users can enter multiple times
  • It is eligible for all countries in the world

See detail about the difference of E-Visa and Visa On Arrival here.

Visa On Arrival can also applied online. No need to submit any documents, just fill in the form and you will get the approval letter through email.

After click to apply, you fill out your personal information + type of visa + date of entry, etc. in the form online. When you finish to pay, you will receive a confirmation email, which give you the deadline of getting the result. When the deadline comes (normally 2 working days), you receive the visa approval letter via email. You print this letter to show for boarding airplane and for getting visa stamp on arrival. Please note that you need to pay visa stamp fee on arrival.

Many people like this Visa On Arrival because it is various and flexible. You can stay more in Vietnam if using this visa. You can enter many times if using this visa. However, because getting the visa on arrival means that you do not have visa in advance, many people scare about it. But it is run for a long time, and it is official. So it is also a good option for those wanting to visit Vietnam.


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